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The ideas, the talent, the inspiration, and the resources that we need, to achieve a more Equitable, Sustainable, and CarbonNeutral World are out there. I am talking about us... All of us... We all share this planet we call earth. We all bring to the table the diversity in talents and backgrounds that we need, to bring an end to climate change.

In other words we can CrowdSource CarbonNeutral. Terrestrious is a social media platform for web and mobile, dedicated to the sharing, the development, and the deployment of ideas that can help save the world. An online space where we can find eco-friendly jobs and opportunites as well as innovated new solutions to our world's most pressing environmental problems.

Even if we don't actively participate in these various projects, we can do our part by supporting the teams and ideas that come across our timelines that we believe will save the world, by giving them an audience through shares and likes, and through financial support via donations.

We can all be part of the effort to make the world a better place.


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While our team is hard at work building our platform, be sure to check out our discord community that we're using to tide our fans over until our big launch. Discover the sustainable contributions of other Terrestrials like yourself, or even post your own. Tackle Environmental problems in a way that only you can!

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